Employment Divorce™ and Employment Therapy™

What is the Employment Divorce™?

Working with clients for nearly thirty years taught us something: whenever you’re in a relationship with people, there are problems. People problems are hard.

The analogy that being in a job being is like being in a relationship is a real one:  there are highs and lows; challenges and triumphs, and often when it’s over, it’s over, and sometimes you never see it coming. The Employment Divorce assists employees who may not have access to information that they need to make good, sound, self-interested decisions.

Like any relationship problem, it’s best to evaluate your employment situation with clarity, without emotion, and determine the best next steps. Sometimes you can work through it; sometimes it’s best to part ways. Most individuals have no idea what to expect in a separation of employment, just as many have no idea of what to do in any unexpected ending. Severing any relationship after years of commitment is unsettling: there are questions, emotions, and financial considerations.

The similarities of a separation in employment to the break-up of a personal relationship are real. While initially, it may seem unusual to compare the two, for many people, being let go from an employer is as emotionally devastating as the break-up of a serious relationship.

Employees currently spend a great deal more time connected to their office and increasingly, adults define themselves by what they do. You can grow close to your coworkers, and many become like family.  The loss of belonging, camaraderie, and support that a job provides can be crippling to some when employment gets difficult or ends with little or no explanation.  The same is true of relationships.  There is a sense of abandonment if you don’t know the breakup is coming, and sometimes even if you do.

We created the Employment Divorce™ to educate, inform and help you. If you decide you need legal help, we are here for engagement.  Expert consultation advice can keep you from feeling uninformed when you’re struggling to get through a work issue, navigating change in the workplace, or someone tells you you’re no longer needed.

What is the Employment Therapy™?

There is one major distinction between the dynamics of losing a job and losing a partner.  While you can’t help but take the loss of a personal relationship personally, you should never take the loss of employment personally.  While initially hard to do, the sooner you separate yourself and disconnect the emotional aspect, the clearer your judgment will be and the sooner you will be able to move on.  Sometimes a termination has nothing to do with your performance; it is a financial decision and you’re just a headcount that needs to be eliminated.  Don’t cause yourself further angst by trying to recreate or dissect why the termination occurred.  The moment you are let go from your position, you need to think of the termination as a business transaction and act accordingly. You need to remove emotional barriers so that you can be proactive, make better decisions and move on.

We created Employment Therapy™ to provide specialized, targeted advice which can ease the anxiety caused from job issues and give you beneficial tools and information that will help you decide what to do next. We aim to provide easy, relatable information to help people in employment crisis; getting great advice should be simple.