Our Work – For Employees

Understanding All Sides of the Workplace.

We work with individuals in every level of employment, from employees to executives and partners. We understand the lifetime of a workplace relationship and advise individuals before, during, and after employment. Our attorneys work with employees to review all forms of workplace agreements including offer letters, confidentiality and non-solicitation agreements, non-compete agreements and severance agreements, and help clients negotiate the best possible compensation, benefits, bonus, and severance packages. We represent senior level employees in contract negotiations, advising on executive compensation and benefits packages. We provide general workplace counseling to individuals during employment on matters such as wage and hour, family leave, and disability accommodations. We also offer counsel to those who have been wrongfully discharged, or who experienced workplace discrimination and harassment.  We are experienced in negotiating contracts and agreements in a variety of employment contexts.  Our familiarity with both sides of the employment relationship makes us strong, informed advocates for all our clients.